- Suppliers - 


At Oakman Inns we put a lot of time and e­ffort into doing things the right way, not because it’s trendy but because it’s who we are. We’re extremely proud of our achievements so far and we assure you the good work didn’t stop when we received our Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) accreditation.

We know that great food doesn’t just happen by accident. Nor does it happen on its own – it’s a heady combination of an expert kitchen team supplied with great quality ingredients. Each of our suppliers has been chosen because not only do their ingredients meet those high standards, but the ethos behind their origins matches our own focus on sustainability and animal welfare.


Our suppliers include:



Established in 1933, this family butchers is committed to provenance and fair trade with farms that adopt natural farming practices, like ensuring their cattle can graze on vast green, clean pastures with pure spring water. Likewise, the pork, lamb and poultry are raised in pure conditions that benefit the animal and add to its natural flavour, and the eggs are all free range.


With a passion for responsibility and sustainability, Direct Seafood ensures that the fish used in our daily specials is fully traceable from ocean to plate. The fish is delivered first thing in the morning, direct from the most local fish market and we know that every supplier we use bears the marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved label.


From hand-roasted to bespoke blends, the speciality coffee beans supplied by UCC Coffee are carefully cultivated at microlot plantations in the Americas and Caribbean. Renowned for their full-bodied flavours and intense aromas, the coffee beans that form the basis of our range of drinks – from our smooth lattes to foamy cappuccinos – are Fairtrade certified and 100% traceable to origin.

Jude's Ice Cream

Back in 2002, Jude’s husband began hand-churning and mixing ice cream in a Hampshire dairy barn, using milk from local cows. Named after his wife, Jude, what started as a hobby soon became a family enterprise and now Jude’s has a range of delicious flavours. The company is also committed to giving 10% of their profits to charities that support children and young people.


Beginning in 1945 as a fruit and vegetable stall in East London, Reynolds has grown to become a renowned national greengrocer while still retaining its heritage as a family business. Sourcing British produce when available, Reynolds supports local farming and ensures that seasonal home-grown food can be traced from field to fork.


As London’s oldest family brewer, Fullers is passionate about everything from real Ale to craft lager. Dating back to 1845, the company boasts a robust portfolio of beverages and an equally strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste and saving water. We’re proud to be part of that history and ensure all our guests know where to come for a pint.