The True Pizza Napoletana


The beauty of an authentic Neapolitan pizza is in it's simplicity. In August, the head chefs from Oakman Inns travelled to Naples and the region of Campania to learn a thing or two from the Masters themselves.

What makes a true Neapolitan pizza?

Well, there’s the dough, the wood-fired oven, the authentic ingredients, the slightly charred flavour.

We learn our technique from the masters in Naples, source our tomatoes from the rich volcanic soils of Campania and our Fior de latte mozzarella from a Latteria that has been around for generations.

Authentic Neapolitan pizzas can only be made with “00” flour, the dough is made fresh every day in our kitchen and proved for 48 hours. It’s a labour of love.

Which is why above all, the passion of the Pizzaiolo is at the heart of every good Neapolitan pizza.

Hannah Milton